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Plaine Products: Zero Waste and Sulfate Free Shower Essentials

Plaine Products: Zero Waste and Sulfate Free Shower Essentials

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A girl’s hair products are sacred to her. Or at least mine are to me! Through my life, I’ve gone through a ton of hair phases. There was that younger phase where I had never dyed my hair and thus never needed conditioner or really to care about what kinda drug store shampoo I lathered it with a couple of times a week.

There was then the phase where I had overprocessed my hair (#majorregrets) and shoveled out $$$ for whatever shampoo Aveda or my hair stylist recommended.

And then there was the phase- or more, the discovery- of the awful ingredients that I was bathing my hair in, like sulfates, which were drying and stripping my hair of luster. 

That’s what I would call the panic phase. I got rid of the half empty bottles in my shower and ran to my nearest Whole Foods to grab a shampoo bar- because I was under the impression that any liquid shampoo meant sulfates. After some quick aisle googling, I settled on African Black Soap and Apple Cider Vinegar for my hair type.

I shouldn’t have jumped off the deep end into natural haircare right away. First of all, my hair always looked greasy. Like REAL greasy. More greasy than I had ever seen it- and this was after I washed it! Not to mention how LONG all my showers would take to go through the whole bar + cider vinegar mixture process which I was inexperienced in and probably doing way wrong. And then, a few weeks later when my hair finally seemed to be getting back to normal, my scalp started getting REALLY itchy, and I got these weird dry scaly patches by my forehead. Yikes..

So, back to Whole Foods I went, grabbing Acure which was a great liquid (and sulfate free!) option for my hair. But, if I had learned about Plaine Products earlier, I could’ve skipped a lot of these past fiascos. That’s because Plaine Products’ sulfate-free and plastic-free shampoo feels better on my hair than pretty much anything else I’ve used. And I’m not exaggerating.


Let’s start with the smell of these products- it’s out of this world. The slightest hint of peppermint makes each step of my hair and body care routine that much fresher. The shampoo, conditioner, and body wash also use aloe juice, coconut oil, chamomile oil extracts, vitamin E, green tea, and other lovely essential oils. So refreshing to see ingredient lists where I can recognize everything I'm putting on my hair! 

See the full ingredient list here. 

Where Acure’s clarifying shampoo is very drying on my hair, Plaine Products’ shampoo feels refreshing and leaves my hair smooth and happy. And though I’m pretty addicted to my conditioner, but Plaine Products’ conditioner is a definite close second. An added bonus is that is also makes a superb shaving gel! 

I haven’t even gushed about the adorable minimal packaging- and packaging philosophy- of this brand. Thinking back to all those phases, I must have used and discarded hundreds of plastic bottles and samples. That means plastic that’s never leaving this Earth. I never thought much of this waste because we take it as necessary.

But Lindsey and Allison are innovative in hair and body care with their WASTE FREE products. First of all, this means beautiful packaging that makes my tiny NY bathroom feel like a sleek spa. But even better, this means that when I’m done with my refreshing products, I can contact the company for a new refill, send in my empty bottles with a prepaid shipping label and by reusing the same box that they shipped me the products in, and get new bath essentials. SO easy, and so sustainable!


In fact, it is a goal of keeping as many plastic bottles out of the world as possible. Lindsey, one of the founders, saw first hand the impact our plastic waste makes when she spent ten years in the Bahamas. There were piles of plastic bags, bottles, and flip flops lining the gorgeous beaches, stranded in the water, and spilling out of landfills. In fact, there's even a place so full of plastic that it is called "Junk Beach." With the effects of plastic usage so in-her-face, Lindsey started her zero waste habits by switching to a reusable bottle, reusable grocery bags, foregoing a straw as restaurants- but she couldn't figure out how to get the plastic bottles out of her shower. 

When she moved back to the US, she was excited to partner with her sister, Alison, who also had a design background and a passion for quality products, to launch Plaine Products and pursuing the mission to not only get plastic bottles out of their own bathrooms, but out of everyone else's, too. 

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And never fear- I didn’t have a ‘detox’ period of greasy hair when switching to Acure or Plaine Products’ shampoo. This could certainly vary case, so definitely check out the ingredients to make sure you’re not sensitive or allergic to them. PS- Lindsey also told me that their shampoo is fab for curly hair! 

I'm incredibly impressed by this brand, their philosophy, and products. I can’t rave about them enough, but you have to try them for yourself. Plaine Products has been kind enough to offer my readers a 20% discount when you purchase from their website using my code “WELLDRESSEDWELLNESS.”

Grab a trial size, regular size, or dive right in to a subscription- and make sure to leave me a comment or shoot me a note with what you think!

Thanks for reading!


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