It started with fashion.


Hi, I'm Sameena.

In July 2016, I quit fast fashion cold-turkey after watching The True Cost and realizing its horrific impact on the environment and numerous lives. 

Instead, I focused on sustainable ways to express my style- ones that wouldn't harm my fellow humans or the environment.

No, I didn't overhaul my closet and buy all new items. The most sustainable thing I could do was to actually STOP shopping and instead reuse all the clothes, jewelry, shoes, and accessories I had. So that's where I started- by reusing and restyling my clothes.

When I did need or want something new, I thrifted, shopped local, and supported fair and ethical brands. 

Though the journey started with my closet, I began realizing the harmful effect of most of the products we use in our homes and lives on ourselves and the environment. From the chemicals in my bath products to the plastics in my kitchen, I was determined to detox as much as I could.

Still, I found many green living switches difficult. Often, they were expensive, there was lack of or too much information out there, they required a lot of planning, and more. And what bugged me the most was the idea that I had to do everything "all or nothing."

I'm here to tell you that it's not a race- it's a journey. A journey that anyone and everyone can join. YOU can decide what small or big earth and soul friendly changes you want to make in your life.

It doesn't have to be hard. And this website is here to make it easy.

So take a look around, shoot me a note with questions and suggestions, and be well. 

Thanks for stopping by, I'm excited to have you. XO